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TORNÉ CASALS, S.A. has it own 60 hectares of producing fields, and it also gets production from more than 650 hectares of 90 other suppliers, which fields are applied the same quality controls and traceability systems. A great part of these fields are young crops with new varieties of fruits.

We have all the varieties of peaches , nectarines, pears and apples, as well some varieties of plums. The traded volume ranges from 22.000 to 25.000 tonnes a year.

Through our large range of containers and confecting systems, any customer request can be matched.

  TORNÉ CASALS · Pol. Ind. "EL SEGRE" 25.191 Lleida.
Ph. 973 20 11 00 - Fax 973 21 17 10 · N.R.S. 21.4103/CAT - N.R.I.A. 25/41556